How you interpret a sales objection inevitably impacts your sales

results. If you see an objection as a wall, the tendency is to psychologically turn back whenever you hear one. If, however, you perceive an objection as hurdle, you would do what hurdle runners do … jump over it. 

Just as you can’t win a 100 metres hurdle race without jumping those “barriers”, you cannot make enough sales without dealing with, and handling objections. Objections lubricate the sales process. They give you valuable insight into the psyche of the prospect. 

Objections also lay out the extent of the obstacles you are facing and enable you develop a game plan to solve such problems or jump the hurdles. Silence and lack of communication or feedback is the salesperson’s worst enemy. Silence gives you nothing to work with and little chances to succeed. 

The smart salesperson welcomes objections. They indicate interest; and if you overcome these objections, your probability of making a sale is much higher.

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