PILLARS  are  slender,  vertical  columns  that  support  heavy  loads

or  serve  display  purposes.  Every  building  has  pillars.  Some  of  the

pillars  are  visible,  while  others  are  invisible.  A  building  is  as  strong

and  solid  as  its  pillars.  The  stronger  the  pillar,  the  more  solid  the

building;  the  longer  the  pillar,  the  taller  the  building.  If  there  is

any  crack  or  weakness  in  any  of  the  pillars  carrying  a  building,

the  integrity  of  that  structure  would  be  compromised.

Pillars  add  to  the  beauty  and  aesthetics  of  a  building.  Good  archi-

tects  pay  special  attention  to  the  design  and  integrity  of  pillars.  As

aptly  captured  by  Claire  Johnson,  in  structural  engineering,  pillars

support  heavy  loads  above  them.  They  often  sit  under  beams  or

arches  on  which  walls  or  ceilings  rest.  A  pillar  transmits  the  weight

of  structures  above  it  to  other  structures  below  it  through  com-

pression.  As  a  result,  pillars  have  played  a  large  role  in  allowing

mankind  to  build  higher  structures  and  taller  buildings  that  do

not  collapse  under  their  own  weight.

The  world  is  earnestly  waiting  for  you  to  manifest  the  fullness  of

beauty  and  strength  depotisted  in  you.  You  can  reach  the  sky!

However,  just  as  in  a  building,  the  quality  of  your  life  cannot  be

higher  or  greater  than  the  quality  of  the  pillars  upon  which  your

life  is  built.  Whether  you  achieve  and  live  a  life  of  excellence  or

you  fail  and  wallow  in  mediocrity  will  be  highly  dependent  on

the  strength  of  your  pillars.  In  other  words,  the  quality  of  your

life  is  to  a  large  extent  a  function  of  the  pillars  that  carry  your

aspirations  and  pursuits  in  life.

In  this  book  therefore,  we  have  identified  some  of  the  critical

pillars  that  you  should  design,  build  and  maintain  to  achieve  and

sustain  excellence  in  your  career,  business  and  life.  Sustained  good

success  is  a  function  and  product  of  diligence  and  commitment

in  identifying,  erecting  and  reinforcing  the  pillars  that  form  the

framework  for  the  pursuit  of  excellence.

Table of Contents

Dedication  Viii
Chapter One: Purpose – Why are You Here?1
How to Discover and Decide Your Purpose6
Chapter Two: Where are You Going and How Would You Get There?16
Bring the Future to the Present18
Identify and Decide Vacuum to Fill19
What and When20
Chapter 3: Personality – Who are You? What Do You Stand For?25
Chapter 5: Promotion: How Do You Want to be Seen? How Do You Sell You?57
Packaging You61
Developing Your Personal Brand63
Your Appearance65
Your Communication67
Cultural Humility68
Solve Problems71
Chapter 6: People: Who Do You Need?73
You Need More than Yourself to Excel in Life76
Who Do You Need to Meet to Achieve Purpose?80
Understanding Business and Social Networking81
Places  to  Look  for  and  Meet  the  People  You  Need  to Excel  in  Life110
Chapter 7: Patience – Can You Wait for It?125
What are You Doing While You are Waiting?135
Chapter 9: Philanthropy – What Have You Done for Them Lately?143
Chapter 10:Play –  How Do You Unwind152
Chapter 11: Pray – Do You Access to the One Who Gives Access?157