Critical Pillars of Sales Excellence


Selling Rests on Seven Critical Pillars:

Pillar One: Develop your competence by acquiring sufficient knowledge about your products and services, understand your target market, have sufficient information about your competitors, and master your marketing and sales strategy.

Pillar Two: Identify, target and gain access to those who need and want your products and services; will derive value from your products and services; and who have the capacity and authority to acquire them. Make sufficient contacts, secure enough referrals and introductions.

Pillar Three: Make presentations to the prospects by communicating the features, benefits, value proposition and competitive advantages of your products and services. This pillar also involves dealing with the objections and concerns of prospects.

Pillar Four: Follow up and re-inforce your value proposition; until you win the customer.

Pillar Five: Manage the customers, deepen the relationship, achieve customer loyalty and cross sell to existing customers.

Pillar Six: Track and monitor your customers to avoid attrition, cross sell to them, provide advisory services. Track what your competitors are doing to win your customers; track and monitor how government policies might be affecting your customer, etc.

Pillar Seven: Make customers your advocates and use them to secure new contacts and businesses.




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