The Critical Pillars of Making Quality Contacts and Connections


Business has always relied on effective interaction between people to generate opportunities. People acquire a vast amount of their success, breakthroughs, knowledge and resources through other people. Unfortunately, even professionals whose careers and business results are completely dependent on meeting people, managing contacts and building relationships do not seem to appreciate the importance of these critical skills.


You have probably heard stories of men and women, young and old that met complete strangers in the aircraft, buses, churches, mosques, neighborhoods, conferences, parties etc. who opened up to these strangers, introduced themselves, started a conversation; subsequently developed a relationship, managed the contacts and had their lives, businesses, careers, income, etc. turned around for good. It can be that simple. But the key word here is MET! They met the strangers. There was a contact. There was a connection.


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How to meet people, manage contacts, build and develop relationships for business and career success

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