The Critical Pillars for Using Anger Productively

Table of Contents





Chapter 1: Our Special Gifts


Chapter 2: Understanding the Emotion of Anger


Chapter 3: Your Thoughts and Anger


Chapter 4: Anger Has Consequences


Chapter 5: The Two Realms of Anger


Chapter 6: How Framing Affects How We Use Anger


Chapter 7: Your Attitude and Anger


Chapter 8: Key Success Factors for Processing Anger Triggers


Anger is a Beautiful Emotion!!!

Anger is one of the most misunderstood, maligned, misrepresented, and misinterpreted emotions. A lot of persons are worried about how anger is controlling their lives, relationships, and careers. The good news is that we can unlearn how we currently react to the emotion of anger, and learn a better way to master, use and respond to anger triggers.

This book is not about how to manage or control your anger. It is about how to use anger to improve your relationships and achieve your most important personal, career and business aspirations. This practical, easy to read book presents the emotion of anger in a way that challenges and inspires you to master the frame of mind and thought patterns that influence how you use the actions and pains that spark anger to your advantage.

It is a fact that those who have mastered how to use anger in life, business, relationships, and work are more successful than those who have not.

Ferdinand M. Ibezim is the author of other life-changing books including The Critical Pillars of Making Quality Contacts and Connections; The Critical Pillars of Achieving Excellence in Life, Career and Business; The Critical Pillars of Sales Excellence; The Critical Pillars of Making High Impact Sales Presentations, The Critical Pillars of Target-Rich Prospecting, etc.

Ferdinand is a well-known paradigm shift coach and competency development expert. In the past 25 years, he has helped hundreds of thousands of professionals in Nigeria, West Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, France and the United States of America improve their personal effectiveness, business development proficiencies and leadership capabilities. He is currently the Managing Director of Selling Skills Support Services Limited and President, Right Selection Limited. He was for over eight years the Managing Director/CEO of i-Skill Limited and the founder of FM Marketing Network Limited.