Objections Overruled: Mastering the Art of Handling Sales Objections

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Objections lubricate the sales process. They give you valuable insight into the psyche of the prospect.  Objections also lay out the extent of the obstacles you are facing and enable you develop a game plan to solve such problems or jump the hurdles.

How you interpret a sales objection inevitably impacts your sales results. If you see an objection as a wall, the tendency is to psychologically turn back whenever you hear one. If, however, you perceive an objection as a hurdle, you would do what hurdle runners do … jump over it.  Just as you can’t win a 110 metres hurdle race without jumping those “barriers”, you cannot make enough sales without dealing with, and handling objections.

This module aims to equip you with the skills, strategies, and confidence needed to address and overcome objections during the sales process. You will learn proven techniques for turning objections into opportunities, ultimately enhancing your ability to close deals and build lasting customer relationships. By the end of this module, you will be equipped to navigate objections confidently, address customer concerns effectively, and turn objections into opportunities that contribute to successful sales outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the reasons behind customer objections and the psychological factors influencing objection behaviours.
  • Develop insights into the different types of objections and their underlying motivations.
  • Recognize and categorize common objections encountered in sales interactions.
  • Understand industry-specific objections and customer concerns.
  • Develop strategies for reframing objections as opportunities to provide additional value.
  • Explore creative solutions to address objections and meet customer needs.
  • Understand the role of trust in successfully handling objections.
  • Cultivate a positive and constructive mindset to build trust during objection resolution.
  • Learn techniques to anticipate and address potential objections proactively.
  • Implement objection prevention strategies to minimize objections during the sales process.

Course Outline

  • Understanding Sales Objections: Deciphering the Language of Resistance: A Comprehensive Insight into Sales Objections
  • Dimensions of Sales Objections: Exploring the Layers of Resistance: Understanding the Varied Dimensions of Sales Objections
  • Objections as Questions: Transforming Queries into Opportunities: Mastering Objections Crafted as Questions
  • Objections as “No”: Shifting Perspectives: Converting “No” into a Path to Success
  • Common Objections: Predictable Roadblocks: Addressing and Overcoming Frequently Encountered Objections
  • True Objections: Unveiling Genuine Concerns: Identifying and Addressing the Heart of Objections
  • Barriers to Handling Objections: Breaking Down Walls: Overcoming Challenges in the Objection-Handling Process
  • Steps to Handling Sales Objections: Guiding Through Objection Minefields: Proven Steps to Navigate and Resolve Objections
  • How to Handle Price Objections: Defending Value Propositions: Strategies to Navigate and Overcome Price Concerns
  • How to Handle Objections about Competitors: Setting Yourself Apart: Effectively Addressing Concerns About Competitors’ Offerings
  • How to Handle Objections on Credibility and Trust: Establishing Trust Foundations: Techniques for Addressing Doubts and Building Credibility
  • Knowing When to Walk Away: Strategic Disengagement: Recognizing When to Pivot or Persevere in Objection Handling


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