A High Sense of Self Worth: A Critical Trait of Great Salespeople

A key trait of great salespeople is self-belief. If you want to excel in selling, you must possess a high sense of self-worth. You cannot excel in selling if you have an inferiority complex. Many salespeople want to achieve a whole lot in life, but they lack the sense of self-worth to drive them. The love for selling, value-adding products and services, deep product knowledge, excellent skills set, and market factor awareness will not guarantee you sales success if you do not believe in yourself. 

A great salesperson will not cringe at the sight of meeting people, even those of high status in society. He respects and honours the accomplishments and achievements of others, but he is not intimidated by them. He believes that if he does the right things, pays the right price, makes enough sacrifice and remains determined and focused, he can also become successful in life. Rather than cringe at meeting people, he sees himself as having tremendous value to add to others. In other words, he believes that it is also in the interest of others to meet him. It takes self-worth to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation. It takes self-belief to ask for help. 

He approaches others with confidence, not arrogance. He approaches with humility, not timidity.  He does not wait to live in a good neighbourhood before he goes to good neighbourhoods to network. He does not wait to become a billionaire before he goes to where billionaires go to. He does not wait to buy a big car before he starts attending alumni meetings. He does not wait to be the highest donor before he joins the fundraising committee.  

He is fully convinced that what he is today is nothing compared to what he can become in the future. He might not be very wealthy materially today, but he strongly believes that all he needs to become wealthy is time and opportunity. So, he maximizes his time and steps out to seek out opportunities. 

Even though he accepts feedback and continuously works on self-improvement, he does not wait for others to validate him. His sense of self-worth is not dependent on other people. He is willing to take no and yet knock on the next-door looking for the yes. He would not allow one rejection to stop him from seeking acceptance from the next prospect, and the next! 

The salesperson with a high sense of self-worth does not ignore his weaknesses, but he focuses on his strengths. He understands that loving self is not selfishness; it is the first step to loving others. 

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