Business and Social Networking

Business and Social Networking

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Business has always relied on the effective interaction between people to generate opportunities. Sales and marketing professionals achieve their sales targets by meeting prospects and exploring the power of referrals. People also acquire a vast amount of their success, breakthroughs, knowledge, and resources through other people.

Networking involves creating opportunities through meeting people, making contacts, and building strong relationships. These relationships grow and deepen over time, leading to other contacts, relationships, and opportunities. We often hear stories of men and women who met complete strangers – introduced themselves to these people, carefully managed the contacts, developed the relationship, and consequently had their careers, businesses and lives turned around for good. It can be that simple. However, the key word here is ‘met’. They met! There was a contact – a connection into a network of higher power.

In networking situations, it is important that professionals maximize the moment and leverage on setting the stage to get powerful business results. Unfortunately, even professionals whose careers and business results are completely dependent on meeting people, managing contacts, and building relationships do not seem to appreciate the importance of these critical skills.

This programme features advanced insights and skills to be a more effective networker, provides greater understanding of the dynamics of communication specific to networking, and gives delegates improved influencing skills to enable them to sell themselves and promote their company. Participants will learn about using their individual style to communicate with people, how to put themselves and others at ease and explore boundaries for business and career success.

Learning Outcomes

This programme is specially designed to help participants:

  • Understand the meaning of social and business networking.
  • Appreciate the importance and benefits of networking.
  • Identify the best places to go for networking.
  • Know how to introduce themselves to people.
  • Ask and obtain contact details from strangers.
  • Understand the critical steps to following up on a contact.
  • Demonstrate confidence and assertiveness.
  • Know how to sell themselves and promote their company.
  • Acquire influencing skills especially with people who are experts and in positions of authority.

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