Selling Rests on Seven Critical Pillars:

Pillar One: Develop your competence by acquiring sufficient knowledge about your products and services, understand your target market, have sufficient information about your competitors, and master your marketing and sales strategy.

Pillar Two: Identify, target and gain access to those who need and want your products and services; will derive value from your products and services; and who have the capacity and authority to acquire them. Make sufficient contacts, secure enough referrals and introductions.

Pillar Three: Make presentations to the prospects by communicating the features, benefits, value proposition and competitive advantages of your products and services. This pillar also involves dealing with the objections and concerns of prospects.

Pillar Four: Follow up and re-inforce your value proposition; until you win the customer.

Pillar Five: Manage the customers, deepen the relationship, achieve customer loyalty and cross sell to existing customers.

Pillar Six: Track and monitor your customers to avoid attrition, cross sell to them, provide advisory services. Track what your competitors are doing to win your customers; track and monitor how government policies might be affecting your customer, etc.

Pillar Seven: Make customers your advocates and use them to secure new contacts and businesses.

This practical and easy to read book identifies all that you need to know, the skills to develop and the right sales attitude to excel in today’s highly competitive market space.

Time of Content

Contents          Iv
Dedication   Vii
PILLAR ONE: COMPETENCE                                              1
Introduction: The Concept of Competence 2
Chaper 1. What You Must Know to Excel in Sales                                                       
Internal   Knowledge   (Knowledge   of   Your   Company)7
Knowledge   of   the   Prospects   and   Customers11
Competitor   Knowledge13
Knowledge   of   Your   Industry15
Knowledge   of   Government   Policies   and   Regulators  15
Chapter 2. Critical Skills for Sales Excellence                                                           18
Communication   Skills                                                                        19
Verbal Communication19
Non-verbal Communication                                                                21
Written   Communication22
Email   Communication24
Listening   Skills27
Questioning   Skills30
Telephone   Skills35
Presentation   Skills39
Negotiation   Skills65
Persuasion   Skills78
Problem   Solving   Skills82
Interpersonal   and   Rapport   Building   Skills84
Business   and   Social   Networking   Skills87
  Chapter 3: The Attitude Of Competent Sales People       91
Self-Belief                                                                                                     93
Confidence                                                                                                    96                                                                                               
Clarity of Purpose                                                                                         97
Focus on Details                                                                                            99
Can-Do-Attitude                                                                                          101
Willingness to go the Extra Mile                                                             101
Patience and Persistence                                                                         102
Optimism                                                                                                103                                                                                         
Friendliness                                                                                              103                                                                                          
Accountability                                                                                          103                                                                                     
A Fervent Spirit                                                                                      103
A Call to Action                                                                                        104
  PILLAR TWO: PROSPECTING                                                108
Chapter 4: Understanding Prospects and Prospecting 109
Categories of Prospects                                                                           110
Wrong Assumptions about Prospects and Prospecting                           115
Who is a Real Prospect?                                                                            116
What is Prospecting?                                                                                119
Key Questions for Prospecting Excellence                                               120
Common Prospecting Mistakes                                                                122
Chapter 5: ProfilingSegmentation and Prospecting123
Segmentation Strategies for Sales Excellence                                           124
Prospecting and the Sales Funnel                                                              127
Identifying Leads                                                                                  129
Qualifying Leads                                                                                         132
Assessing Your Prospecting Efforts                                                             133                                                         
The Small versus Large Prospects Dilemma                                                135                                       
Prospecting and the Pareto Principle                                                         136
How to Organize your Prospecting Activities for Maximum Returns                              138                    
Chapter 6: The Best Places to Network for Prospecting Excellence                   151
PILLAR THREE: CONVERSION                                                  155                                              
Chapter 7: Systematic Steps to Selling                                   157
Opening                                                                                                        158
Exploring Needs                      159
Presentation of Solution159
Deal with Objections                                                                                     160
Chapter 8: The Principles of Selling                                        162
Sell to the Heart, then the Head162
Sell Result and Outcome not Process and Features                                       164
Sell Value, not just Price          164
Show Prospects what they would Lose, not Just What they Would Gain      166
Who Like Me Has Used It Before?                                                                  166
Selective Product Knowledge is Key                                                              167
Aim to Be Unique                                                                                           168
Ask Questions                                                                                                 168
Always Confirm what “No” Means                                                                 169
Do not Present Yourself as The Beneficiary of the Sale                                  169
Sell Yourself                                                                                                    169
Present Your Solutions, not Your Problems                                                    170
Chapter 9: Value Based Selling                                              171
Exploring and Exploiting Why People Buy                                                   171
Need                                                                                                              171                                                                                                           
Perceived Value                                                                                             172
Dimensions of Value Perception                                                                   174
Articulating Your Value Proposition                                                              176
Chapter 10: Dealing with Sales Objection                              179
Are Objections Walls or Hurdles?                                                                   180
Why Do Prospects Ask Questions?                                                                 181
“No” As Objections                                                                                      184
Barriers to Handling Sales Objections                                                          186
Seven Steps to Dealing with Sales Objections                                             190
How to Respond to Common Objections                                                    192
True Objections                                                                                            195
How to Prevent Objections from Destroying Your Career                            196
Chapter 11: Closing the Sale                                                  199
How to Improve Your Chances of Closing a Sale                                         200
Closing Techniques                                                                                                                                                                                                        203