Customised On-site Trainings

Customised On-site Trainings

Our instructor-led Sales Training Workshops teach skills that make a difference. They are conducted exclusively for your sales team at your location or in an open-to-the-public workshop setting. But unlike many sales training courses and seminars available, our training provides long-term learning reinforcement that transfers newly learned skills into sustainable performance.

We conduct a thorough assessment of the client's sales organization to understand the specific training and development needs and goals

Based on the assessment results, we design customized training programmes that align with the client's objectives and address their unique challenges

Our programmes are delivered by experienced sales trainers using a variety of methods, including lectures, interactive discussions, case studies, role-playing, and hands-on exercises.

To ensure long-term retention of skills and knowledge, we offer reinforcement activities, such as follow-up coaching sessions, online resources, and workshops

We regularly evaluate the impact of our training programmes to assess their effectiveness and make improvements as needed.

Our methodology is continually evolving to stay current with industry trends and best practices, and we strive to continuously improve our offerings.


We administer pre-training assessments to gauge participants’ current level of knowledge and skills, and then administer post-training assessments to see if there have been any improvements.

We track performance metrics, such as sales figures, productivity levels, or customer satisfaction scores, to see if there has been any improvement as a result of the training.

We observe participants as they apply their newly acquired skills and provide feedback and coaching to help them continue to improve.


We gather feedback from participants and stakeholders through surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one interviews to get a better understanding of the impact of the training

We calculate the cost of the training program and compare it to the increase in productivity, sales, or other relevant metrics to determine the ROI of the training.

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We have customized courses for you and your organization that is self-paced, cohort based, lecture based or customized , hands-on, or a combination of both