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We consistently facilitate record-breaking sales for companies, teaching them how to follow the Action Selling Process 

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Selling Skills Support Services Limited

is a Competency Development and Sales Coaching Company established to improve the business development proficiencies of professionals involved in Business-To-Business (B2B), Business-To-Person (B2P) and Person-To-Person (P2P) sales and relationship management.

Assess Your Sales Team

Unless your sales team is proficient at each selling skill, you are not maximizing your sales potential. Our free Selling Skills Assessment will diagnose selling problems, help you discover selling strengths and give you detailed recommendations on how to master the key skills that win business.

Customized Training

Our instructor-led Sales Training Workshops teach skills that make a difference. They are conducted exclusively for your sales team at your location or in an open-to-the-public workshop setting. But unlike many sales training courses and seminars available, our training provides long-term learning reinforcement that transfers newly learned skills into sustainable performance.

Field Success

Our follow up mechanism reinforces learning over an extended period of time. Our post training assessments measure content retention, learning growth and show areas that need further training or coaching.

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The Critical Pillars of Sales Excellence

Selling Rests on Seven Critical Pillars:

Pillar One: Develop your competence by acquiring sufficient knowledge about your products and services, understand your target market, have sufficient information about your competitors, and master your marketing and sales strategy.

Pillar Two: Identify, target and gain access to those who need and want your products and services; will derive value from your products and services; and who have the capacity and authority to acquire them. Make sufficient contacts, secure enough referrals and introductions.

Pillar Three: Make presentations to the prospects by communicating the features, benefits, value proposition and competitive advantages of your products and services. This pillar also involves dealing with the objections and concerns of prospects.


Develop and Improve the Competencies of Salespeople

We help individuals at entry, intermediate and advanced levels who need to acquire, develop and master the competencies required to identify sales opportunities, prospect at the appropriate…

Develop and Improve the Competencies of Sales Managers and Team Leaders

Leading and managing a high performing sales team is primarily about achieving outstanding sales performance through the actions of the sales team…

Develop and Improve the Competencies of Executive Management and Strategic Leaders

We increase the capacity of those responsible for articulating and communicating sales strategy, market penetration tactics, key account…

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

We help professionals and clients develop strategies and tactics to sell to customers the way they want to buy.

Become Experienced Business Development Professional

We offer you practical tips and techniques to help you find those who need what you have and have what you need.

Achieve Excellence in your Career

Learn some of the critical pillars that you should design, build and maintain to achieve and sustain excellence in your career, business, and life.

Learn about Networking

Networking involves creating opportunities through meeting people, making contacts, and building strong relationships.



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“Very wonderful presentation indeed. The quality of the materials and the delivery were excellent. The facilitator provided many insights and displayed good understanding of the subject matter. The role-plays introduced are highly commendable and excellent.”
Umeha Henry, Zenith Bank Plc
The session was professionally handled and the delivery to me, is awesome. Examples were generously used and their relevance to the topic at hand further drove home the points. I look forward to another session of this nature.”
Abiola Ogundijo, Fidelity Bank Plc
“I enjoyed the course. It was well delivered and the content was rich and down-to-earth, connecting with real-life situations to which the principles could be applied. ”
Tuga Ayorinde, Territory Manager, Etisalat Nigeria
The programme was well organised and the facilitators knowledgeable and experienced. One needs to make one-on-one contact with them to tap more on their robust experience in preparation for retirement soonest.
Agogo Samuel, NNPC