A sales presentation is a prepared, structured, speech-based means of communicating claims, facts, features, benefits and advantages of your product or service to a prospect or customer, with the objective of persuading and convincing the prospect or customer to buy from you rather than from your competitors.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, having a great idea, product or service to offer, plus effective and efficient backup and administration is half the battle. The other half is convincing decision makers, clients and vendors that what you have to offer shall indeed meet their needs and expectations!

This book offers you a structured and easy to apply framework for making your sales presentations compelling and value-laden strategic business conversations.

Table of Content

Chapter One: Understanding Presentation What is a Presentation?Types of Presentations  7  
Chapter 2: What You Must Know to Make Effective Sales Presentations. Knowledge of your companyKnowledge of your prospects and customersKnowledge of your competitorsKnowledge of your industryKnowledge of policies and regulationsKnowledge of the global economy  20
Chapter Three: Critical Success Factors for Winning Sales Presentations How to prepare for a sales presentationHow to prioritize your presentationHow to rehearse and practice before a presentationHow to define your personal buy-in factor31  
Chapter Four: The Sequence of Making Effective Sales Presentations How to establish rapportHow to establish needHow to present your solutionsHow to take questionsHow to ask for a buying decision  37  
Chapter Five: How You Impact the Quality of Your Sales Presentations Your styleYour voiceYour bodyYour appearanceHow you standHow you sitYour eyesYour facial expressionsYour movement  52  
Chapter Six: How to Handle Questions Why do prospects/customers ask questionsSteps to handling questions and objections  65