One thing I realised early in my sales career is that knowing who’s who in your company can make or break your sales game. Think about it like this: every organization has its VIPs, the ‘ogas” who give the green light, call the shots, and sway decisions. These are the people you need to know like the back of your hand. These insights are not just useful; they’re indispensable.

It doesn’t matter how revolutionary your ideas maybe, it may not matter how profitable you think a transaction is, without a solid grasp of your organisation’s internal dynamics and the preferences or dispositions of approving authorities, you risk having the proposals or ideas that can boost your sales figures being dismissed. A number of salespeople fall short of their sales targets because they lack the buy-in of the power blocks in their organisations.

Knowing the gatekeepers of approval and influence can be the difference between closing deals effortlessly and hitting roadblocks at every turn. By navigating these internal currents adeptly, you position yourself to maximise your potential as a sales professional.

This is where boundary management comes into play. It’s about more than just knowing the organisational chart; it’s about understanding the subtle nuances of power, influence, and decision-making that shape your company’s ecosystem. By mastering boundary management, you not only streamline your sales process but also enhance your credibility and effectiveness as a sales professional.

So, take the time to map out the power structures within your organization. Identify the decision-makers, consent givers, and influencers who hold sway over your sales trajectory. Invest in building relationships, cultivating allies, and earning the trust of key stakeholders. In doing so, you’ll position yourself as a strategic asset, poised to seize opportunities and drive success.

Please share your strategy for navigating and cultivating key decision makers in your organization without compromising professionalism, personal and business ethics.
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