Our Clients

We are a performance improvement organization that focuses on developing the competencies of professionals in sales


Some of Our Clients

Our clients include: UBA PLC, Union Bank Plc, Zenith Bank Plc, FCMB Plc, Fidelity Bank Plc, Access Bank PLC, WEMA Bank Plc, Heritage Bank Limited, NOVA Bank Limited, Credit Direct Limited, AG Mortgage Bank Plc, ARM Pensions, ARM Insurance, Zenith Insurance Limited, Prudential Insurance Limited, Consolidated Insurance Plc, Anchor Insurance Plc, Meristem Securities Limited, Primera Finance Limited, Grooming Microfinance Bank, West African Institute of Financial Management, Etisalat Nigeria Limited, Sahara Energy Group, Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC), National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS), Total Nigeria Limited, Nigeria Communications Commission, Ikeja Distribution Company, Egbin Power PLC, United States Department for Agriculture, , Cakes and Cream Limited, Polo Nigeria Limited, Kropmann Limited, Briscoe Nigeria Limited, UPDC (UAC), FilmHouse Cinemas Limited, etc.

  • Union Bank Plc
  • Zenith Bank Plc
  • FCMB Plc
  • Fidelity Bank Plc
  • Access Bank PLC
  • WEMA Bank Plc
  • Heritage Bank Limited
  • NOVA Bank Limited
  • Credit Direct Limited
  • AG Mortgage Bank Plc
  • ARM Pensions
  • ARM Insurance
  • Zenith Insurance Limited
  • Polo Nigeria Limited
  • Kropmann Limited
  • Briscoe Nigeria Limited
  • UPDC (UAC)
  • FilmHouse Cinemas Limited
  • Prudential Insurance Limited
  • Consolidated Insurance Plc
  • Anchor Insurance Plc
  • Meristem Securities Limited
  • Primera Finance Limited
  • Grooming Microfinance Bank
  • West African Institute of Financial Management
  • Etisalat Nigeria Limited
  • Sahara Energy Group
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC)
  • National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS)
  • Total Nigeria Limited
  • Nigeria Communications Commission
  • Ikeja Distribution Company
  • Egbin Power PLC, United States Department for Agriculture
  • Cakes and Cream Limited


Develop and Improve the Competencies of Salespeople

We help individuals at entry, intermediate and advanced levels who need to acquire, develop and master the competencies required to identify sales opportunities, prospect at the appropriate target-rich-environments, strategically engage prospects to understand needs, communicate benefits of offerings to prospects, deal with objections, convert prospects to customers and add value to customers and client organizations. We Create Sales Champions!!!

Develop and Improve the Competencies of Sales Managers and Team Leaders

Leading and managing a high performing sales team is primarily about achieving outstanding sales performance through the actions of the sales team. This involves creating a supportive environment within which salespeople will flourish and give of their best.

How can a sales manager effectively develop, drive and motivate individuals and the sales team to achieve great results?  What are the attributes and key drivers of top sales managers?  These are some of the critical sales management issues that we addresses using tools and templates.


We work with individuals and organizations to establish a solid foundation to support the on-going development, communication and implementation of sales strategies and tactics necessary to meet the corporate objectives of every organization.  We Produce inspirational and result-drive sales leaders.

Develop and Improve the Competencies of Executive Management and Strategic Leaders

We increase the capacity of those responsible for articulating and communicating sales strategy, market penetration tactics, key accounts management structure, revenue framework, and overall alignment of strategy with operations to achieve sales goals and organizational vision and mission. We Deliver Strategic Minded Corporate Leaders

Happy Clients

At Selling Skills, nothing brings us more joy than the satisfaction of our valued clients. Here are some testimonials from our happy clients sharing their experiences

This programme has exposed me to the theoretical and practical aspect of selling. It was a mind-blowing session, simple, interesting and educative.

Akindele Akil UBA Plc

I enjoyed the course. It was well delivered and the content was rich and down-to-earth, connecting with real-life situations to which the principles could be applied.

Tuga Ayorinde Territory Manager, Etisalat Nigeria

The session was professionally handled and the delivery to me, is awesome. Examples were generously used and their relevance to the topic at hand further drove home the points. I look forward to another session of this nature.

Abiola Ogundijo Fidelity Bank Plc

Very wonderful presentation indeed. The quality of the materials and the delivery were excellent. The facilitator provided many insights and displayed good understanding of the subject matter. The role-plays introduced are highly commendable and excellent.

Umeha Henry Zenith Bank Plc

It is captivating and an eye opener to way of business,

Francis Morah​ Diamond Bank Plc

The course is useful and bring a new dimension to selling

Innocent iwunna Union Bank Plc​

It was worth it and has enlightened me about ways to better improve on my efficiency as an individual and helping my organisation increase its market share. It has made me appreciate the importance of negotiating and selling skills in winning and retaining customers and gaining competitive advantage.

Kofi Asante Oduro Boateng Sahara Group, Ghana

The programme should be held periodically for all staff of IKEDC. It has educated participants on learning to do things differently in serving customers.

Henry Ekugo Head Commercial, Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC)

My biggest insurance transaction in my two decades in insurance came from a friend in my university days. After reading your book, I have made giant strides with my alumni contacts. The results are awesome.

Abdullahi Salihu Obeitoh Alliance and General Insurance Plc

The best and most educative I have been to in a long time

Chidinma Tom Zenith Bank Plc

The programme was fantastic, Educating on selling skills.

Prince George Fidelity Bank Plc

The programme was very interactive and impactful. One of the best I have been part of in a long while. I will like to be part of this in the future so I can learn more.

Jacob Randolph Business Development Officer, Sahara Group, Ghana

It is captivating and an eye opener to way of business,

Francis Morah Diamond Bank Plc

I learnt a lot. The programme brought to the surface not only ideas on selling, but ways/areas which l can improve on to become a better person. The facilitator was really excellent in his explanations and gave realistic examples and was generally professional. I look forward to having more sessions with him.

Njoku Michael UBA Plc

The programme and the presentation of the topics were fantastically presented by the facilitators. The aims and objectives of this programme were met.

Ossai Ferdinand Supt. COR/ROW (NGC)

The entire programme is nothing but excellent in delivery and very educating and interactive.

Engnr. Mohammed M. Abdullahi Business Manager, Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC)

I am really overwhelmed with the programme and the way it is organised. The facilitator is really good and is a motivator. I understand the whole concepts. I feel like a new person working in a dynamic organisation.

Jegede E. Adewole Team Member, Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC)

The programme was well organised and the facilitators knowledgeable and experienced. One needs to make one-on-one contact with them to tap more on their robust experience in preparation for retirement soonest.

Agogo Samuel NNPC

I wish this Training could be extended to all staff. It is one of the best trainings I have ever attended. Very revealing.

Segun Adeyemo Marketing, Sovereign Trust Insurance

The session was well communicated, while drawing examples from real life issues. The facilitator has deep knowledge in networking skills and relationship management.

Tunde Odupitan Marketing and Relationship Officer, Sovereign Trust Insurance

The entire programme was productive and of great relevance to my job. With this, my selling skills will be improved to meet my target. Nice presentation.

Emmanuel Harisson Account Manager, Etisalat Nigeria

The session was excellent and awesome. I would want more of this type of training especially on CRM and Key Account Management.

Babatunde Adeoye Account Manager, Etisalat Nigeria